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Finding a great deal on a used car by payment range is easy! specializes in helping you find a vehicle with a monthly car payment you can afford. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a car payment under $200 a month or if an affordable used car payment is $500 per month, we have it! We list thousands of new and used automobiles across the USA, right in your area, starting with $100 a month car payment^ in almost every city.

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When most of us buy a car we tend to look at the total price of the vehicle instead of the monthly payment. If you are trying to stay with in a budget you may want to consider how you begin negotiating a used car price with the dealer. It doesn't matter if you have damaged, poor, sub prime, bad, average, good, great, perfect, or no credit at all, getting a used car payment you can afford is how we can help.

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At you can find the best pre-owned vehicle at car shops right in your area, everywhere across the USA. Each of the automobile listings are from local car dealers. It doesn't matter what your current situation is, whether you have good or bad credit, or how much of a down payment you can afford, you can find a new or used car with a payment that fits your budget. Find a car you can afford today!

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Get A Pre Owned Vehicle With The Right Payment

Making sure that you find a used car with a payment you can afford is key, certainly when you're working with in a budget. Here's few things to keep in mind when shopping for an automobile with a low monthly payment:

1. Is it a new or certified pre-owned vehicle? - New vehicles qualify for lower rates and payments due to incentives and new car specials.
2. What is the mileage on the vehicle? - If the pre owned vehicle you are looking at has low miles, you will get a lower rate with lower payments.
3. What's your credit history? - If you have a high credit score your interest rate will be lower. Because ultimatley your payment is in line with your credit score, you will want to know what your credit score is so you know what type of vehicle you can afford.